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Adafruit GFX Pixel font customiser

Created by tchapi, major improvements by cmarrin and charno - Source code available on Github.

How to use it

Importing or creating a font:
You can either:
  • Extract a font by copying & pasting the existing font source (a .h file) in the textarea above
  • Create a new font with a single character
Adding characters:

You can easily add new characters to the font afterwards. Interval characters will be added automatically as disabled glyphs.

Editing glyphs:
Glyphs can be edited individually. You can:
  • Enable or disable the glyph
  • Edit each pixel of the glyph
  • Edit all values present in the GFXglyph data structure (See Adafruit documentation for more information)
When exporting, you can either :
  • Select a range of characters to include in the output. Characters outside of this range will not be included in the bitmap nor in the glyphs table.
  • Disable individual characters. The disabled characters get all values set to 0. There still are entries for the disabled characters in the glyphs table, but no data in the bitmap for them — this keeps the characters in their correct places in the ASCII table.


Loading and extracting font ...
Please open or create a font first.